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Elegant & Timeless

Our air-conditioning systems have been stylishly designed with rounded contours that fit beautifully into any room. The designs were created in Milan by industrial design experts, to fit any and all needs.


Energy Saving

Our air conditioning systems provide you with the perfect balance between comfort and savings. Models can achieve high energy efficiency by use of advanced technology, such as high performance compressor and DC PAM inverter technology.


Clean Air

Allergen clear operation cleans air using a control scheme, a wide array of air purification filters and self-cleaning operation to keep the room air clean.


A conservatory makes a great addition to any home – providing additional space and a great social space for the summer months. However, the hotter months mean they can become overheated and they’re extremely cold during the winter. Underfloor heating is a slow and expensive option to heat the room, and radiators often have no impact.

Air conditioning units in comparison are fairly cheap to run, typically costing around 4p per hour to run, and can heat or cool a room within 10 minutes. It’s no surprise then that an air conditioning unit is often the most cost effective way to enjoy a constant level of comfort throughout the entire year. Best of all is that i can provide you with a 10 year guarantee on all our systems installed!

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Wall Mounted Air Conditioners

Wall mounted air conditioners are the most compact and most commonly fitted type of air conditioner.  Produced in higher volume than other types of system, their cost is also far lower.

Dispersing conditioned air from their front edge, wall mounted air conditioners are designed to be fitted at high level.  This provides better distribution of conditioned air throughout the space. With heat rising, they continually draw in and cool the warmest air within the room, increasing their effectiveness.

Thank you Steve for such a wonderful job you have done fitting the C in our lounge. Such a professional job, clean and neat and such a pleasure to be in your company. Everything explained perfectly even for us oldies!. Looking forward to the hot weather now, bring it on!

Margaret and Paul, llantwit Fardre

Margaret Challenger

Steve recently serviced our air conditioning units and we cannot recommend him enough. Excellent service, took his time, very thorough and professional.

Michael Gorshkov

Fantasic. Hoenst, reliable, all round great service. Loving our new zircon. Thanks Guys

Shona Williams

The Advantages of Wall Mounted Air Conditioning

  • Cost
  • Compact size
  • Good air distribution
  • Wide choice of finishes

By installing a modern, high efficiency air conditioning unit, complete with a heat pump, you’ll find that your system will enable you to have full control of your room’s temperature throughout the year!

The most efficient units have a coefficient of performance (COP) of around 5, meaning that for every kW of electrical power consumed, they emit or remove 5 kW of heat, depending on whether you want to heat or cool the room.

At Wales Air Conditioning, we have been installing air conditioning solutions for over 20 years, with extensive experience of installing units in conservatories. We’ll ensure that the solution we provide is bespoke to your individual requirements, and that you’ll be pleasantly surprised with our affordable prices.

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