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Unit 1, The Cornstores Maesteg, CF34 0BQ
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Vehicle Air Conditioning

Do you need your vehicle’s air conditioning repaired or serviced? Wales Air Conditioning offer a mobile repair service across South Wales, including a complete air conditioning diagnostic and repair for cars, buses, lorries and a vast array of other makes of vehicles, all using the most up to date systems from the existing manufacturers. This includes leak testing equipment, the latest dye injection techniques and electronic system diagnostics used for climate control systems.

Trusted installers of units for all vehicle types including…

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Warning signs of vehicle air con problems

  • Your system doesn’t cool to the set temperature
  • Fan or blower doesn’t work in A/C mode
  • The fan or blower is louder than usual
  • Some/all of the controls don’t work when operated
  • Heater, vents or defroster don’t work
  • The engine or A/C makes loud noises when the system is used
  • Vehicle stalls when the A/C is adjusted
  • Vehicle temperature rises or overheats when A/C is on
  • There is water on the floor of the vehicle
  • The vehicle’s engine cooling fan turns on and off
  • There are unfamiliar smells coming from the vents
  • The unit has not been serviced for a lengthy period of time
  • Windows mist up when the defroster is switched on

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We offer the following services

  • Converting older A/C systems to newer, non-freon refrigerants.
  • Examine the unit thoroughly for contamination.
  • Conduct a vacuum & pressure test with oxygen free nitrogen.
  • Checking levels & replacing oil in the compressor if needed.
  • Remove moisture content, repair broken hoses & replace the filters.
  • Check, degas & replanish refrigerant levels & odour elimination.
  • Diagnostics to pinpoint & repair faults, leaks and other issues.
  • Replacing the drier and accumulator if required.
  • Checking vent temperatures & gauge pressures following repair.

Steve recently replaced the air-conditioning condenser in my Volvo S40 and I cannot praise him too highly. I wanted him to do the job in my garage but it turned out it would not be possible to get his van in the right position to do the job and so Steve suggested that he come to my place in his courtesy car, take the Volvo back his workshop to do the work there, and bring the car back afterwards. This is what he did, incurring a round trip of some ninety miles. All in all, a top class service.

Dick Morris

I recently purchased a 1993 Toyota MR2 Rev 2 Turbo with R12 air conditioning that was no longer working, and in need of a re-gas. I originally took my car in at a local garage for this, but when they found it was an old R12 system they simply didn't want to know, and said they didn't have the correct fittings. Fortunately whilst considering what to do, I came across an advert for a local mobile aircon specialist able to cope with both R12 and R134a systems. Steve was brilliant and had all the correct adapters in his well equipped van, and I soon had a working aircon system again. I can thoroughly recommend his professional and friendly service.

Paul Dancey

Needed my aircon topped up on my Mercedes. Expected to take out a mortgage to pay for it. One call to Steve, car straight in and done in 30 minutes. Fantastic service, excellent rates and everything explained. Would recommend anyone needing the service call Steve first, don't waste time on others.

Alun Jefferys
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